Our new brand style

Grant Thornton International recently launched a new global brand identity which is in the process of being implemented by member firms around the world. A brand is perhaps the single most powerful tool that an organisation can use to communicate accountability and leadership wherever it does business.

Grant Thornton member firms in over 80 countries are adopting the new brand identity and logo, making them instantly recognisable as members of Grant Thornton International. While brand implementation is in progress you may see a difference in the visual style of some member firm websites as they transition to the new global brand.

The Grant Thornton logo
The logo consists of three elements: the symbol, the colour and the Grant Thornton ‘wordmark’. Together they express a bold, confident and cohesive global organisation.

The inspiration for the symbol is the Mobius strip, discovered by mathematicians in the 19th Century. Its evolution into the Grant Thornton symbol captures the qualities of a continuous band that looks three dimensional, permanent, yet constantly flexible. It reflects everything coming together into one cohesive whole.

To help differentiate the Grant Thornton brand, purple has been adopted for the symbol, a colour predominately associated worldwide with leadership, dignity and governance.

The Grant Thornton imagery style
The new brand identity uses four different types of imagery including illustration, portraiture, icons and black and white photography. All contribute to the objective of creating a rich, creative brand: a brand that demonstrates bold and positive leadership, a personal, human approach and clarity in thought and delivery.

The Grant Thornton tone of voice
The tone of voice of the new Grant Thornton brand is bold, clear and positive.