Our name change

We had in previous years taken special dispensation to be referred as Grant Thornton Acumen since the name Acumen was identified more with us a firm. Even today the name Acumen brings instant identification and recognition amongst the business community. We remain as energetic as before with the same ACUMEN to accompany you on your road to SUCCESS.

We are thrilled and allowed ourselves to be engulfed by all the positive vibes that the new rebranding and renaming exercise has brought in its fold. We are now Grant Thornton in alignment with the international network of member firms. You would also notice that the logo has also changed.

The logo consists of the symbol, the colour and the Grant Thornton ‘word mark’ together expressing a bold, confident and cohesive global organization. The evolution of the “ Mobius strip” into the Grant Thornton symbol captures the qualities of a continuous band that looks three dimensional – global, permanent, yet constantly flexible. The bright purple colour is predominantly associated worldwide with leadership, dignity and governance.