Audit assurance services

We are small enough to be personal and friendly, but large enough to offer a wide range of specialist services.

As an audit client you will benefit from:

  • senior people who are accessible and a culture of involvement
  • our hands on style - we have a high partner to audit staff ratio
  • a cost effective audit, using state of the art technology, such as GT Horizon
  • advisers who see you as important and understand your business needs
  • our understanding of fast growing, entrepreneurial mid market concerns

We have a diverse client base, which spans an array of industries, including financial services, banking, information technology, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, construction companies and NGO’s.

Much of our growth can be attributed to the fact that we have mainly long standing loyal clients who have grown over the years. We have grown and developed with those clients, constantly expanding our range of services and remaining able to provide them with a comprehensive high quality service, while maintaining our personal and friendly delivery style.